Odoo Partnership

Sampa Mind is the official Odoo partner in Romania and offers consulting services for Odoo applications.

The partnership between Sampa Mind and Odoo started with Sampa Mind's choice of Odoo's ERP technology and today continues with successful implementations for medium and small companies in Romania and internationally.

Odoo is an all-in-one management software, more precisely a suite of open-source business applications or modules, with complete, scalable and intuitive functionalities that help companies

  • streamline their operations,
  • integrate their services,
  • boost their sales,
  • amplify their marketing reach,
  • optimize their finances,
  • manage its human resources,
  • as well as build great websites.

Sampa Mind guarantees implementation projects with a specialized and customized methodology for every business and every user. In the implementation process, adaptation and localization to the company's business model is considered, so that the customization of the modules is easy to update and manage, and work seamlessly, both in cloud and on-premises, and be accessible from anywhere and from any device.

Odoo's mission is to help companies develop and fulfill their potential by equipping users with innovative tools, modern and elegant technical design, and the role Sampa Mind has is to support the most appropriate implementations and grow the community of companies that choose Odoo, which already globally by number of users it exceeds 7 million.

The applications cover complex business needs and have an extremely user-friendly interface, to which Odoo's flexibility is such that apps can be added according to the growth of the company, adding one app at a time as the organizational needs evolve, and the customer base grows.