SM Business Scorecard

Complete balanced scorecard software system for defining and executing the business strategy and calculate performance indicators

SM Business Scorecard is the extraordinary software solution for any top management team in formulating, measuring, and implementing the company’s strategy to achieve growth objectives and organizational performance.

Features and functionalities:

SM Business Scorecard allows you to visualize your company's strategy over a period of 3, 5 or 10 years by defining and achieving business objectives based on a portfolio of initiatives that are measured in the form of indicators and managed by allocating resources and budgets.

  • Catalogue of indicators by groups: strategic and operational indicators, performance and results indicators, and forward-looking indicators
  • Documentation for each indicator: name, description, unit of measurement, measurement frequency and calculation formula
  • Hierarchy of indicators and their cascading from organizational to operational level by department, team and individual, by visualizing the degree of performance, based on a score as a weight in these indicators
  • Organization chart and administration of positions, roles, and responsibilities, as well as the allocation of individual indicators and their measurement

Strategy implemented through Balanced Scorecard:

  • Monitor the performance of your business objectives
  • Graphical definition of the business strategy
  • Strategic Cause – Effect diagrams
  • Monitor strategic, operational and performance indicators
  • Define perspectives
  • Monitor / analyze the performance of each of your employees
  • Manage your indicators catalogue

Advantages and benefits:

Modern design and visual representation

SM Business Scorecard enables the definition and implementation of a company's strategy by creating and visualizing in a comprehensive dashboard and a detailed impact diagram at the level of objectives and indicators, measures and initiatives, people, and budgets, which is necessary for a real-time tracking of performance and an effective communication of it within the organization.

Working status in two steps and three movements

SM Business Scorecard facilitates the breakdown of measurable objectives based on combinations of indicators and the tracking of initiatives in the pipeline and their progress, for the most accurate comparison of achieved versus budgeted each month.

Exceptions’ control done right

SM Business Scorecard enables cause-effect analysis, managing exceptions or potential problems and taking corrective actions that impact indicators and objectives by assigning responsible people and an estimated budget, monitoring the implementation of these actions, evaluating initiatives, people and the realized budget as to re-establish key performance indicators and their alignment with the company's measurable objectives.

Why to choose SM Business Scorecard

Most companies have only very vaguely designed a strategy, and the execution of this strategy is often a non-organizationally aligned approach, and without a necessarily well-correlated end-result between objectives, indicators and actions / initiatives, which can lead to significant losses or the acceptance of far too high risks for them.

Companies that can design a strategy, in a detailed and holistic way, that can prioritize strategic planning at both organizational and employee level, are the ones that will have the advantage of making beneficial and consistent strategic decisions and will be able to achieve a more balanced vision of performance and its growth in a profitable, repeatable and sustainable manner.

All in all, the SM Business Scorecard solution offers:

  • ease of use in developing a formal strategy execution framework,
  • based on a map or graphical representation that condenses objectives, indicators and initiatives,
  • which are then prioritized, monitored and revised at people and budgets level
  • to create current and future value for the organization.

SM Business Scorecard is a single solution for a comprehensive organizational strategy management system.

We invite you to improve your performance by a well-formulated and correct execution of the company-wide strategy, align non-financial strategic indicators with the financial ones and connect them to the shared vision of the company, all based on a customized strategic planning and management system such as SM Business Scorecard.

The solution fully integrates with the other solutions from the business suite: