SM Financial Optimizer

Advanced software system to optimize business profitability

SM Financial Optimizer is the ideal solution for any top management team to instantly access critical financial and operational reports via big data and automatically calculate the company’s key financial indicators to achieve its major business goals and increase profitability.

Features and functionalities:

The most advanced technology platform for analyzing, simulating and optimizing financial and operational indicators:

  • Detailed cost analysis
  • Detailed revenue analysis
  • Accurate EBITDA calculation
  • Trend analysis
  • Business decisions simulations
  • Identification of unprofitable areas
  • Instant reporting

Advantages and benefits:

Split-second navigation

SM Financial Optimizer capitalizes on the existing information in the company and enables access to an advanced range of analytical tools needed to make and support data-driven decisions, to achieve quantifiable goals and clear actionable strategies.

Ultra-precision in results

SM Financial Optimizer facilitates the creation of comparative financial analyses down to the smallest level of detail or granularity - by product, customer, supplier, time frame, sales channel, etc. for a comprehensive assessment of profit generation potential.

Real-time decisions

SM Financial Optimizer aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the existing situation, the causes and problems that may arise, in order to take immediate measures for improvement, all to calibrate the greatest impact on profit.

Change is within everyone's reach

SM Financial Optimizer performs a wide range of dynamic sensitivity analyses, alternative ad-hoc simulations and what-if scenario modelling for a predictable anticipation of variations or existing gaps, trends or outcomes under future conditions.

Transparency in optimization

SM Financial Optimizer perfects a complete control over profitability optimization for the highest objectivity in business.

Unified integration

SM Financial Optimizer harmonises in a single data source and in dynamic and interactive dashboards all the analyses and reports created, by easily distributing them using automated collaboration functionalities.

Why to choose SM Financial Optimizer

All companies want to grow, but growing profitably is not easy. Profitability analysis and optimization are extremely valuable for strategic and operational decision making, but it is also a time-consuming process that requires significant effort to achieve.

Companies that can best optimize profitability or profitable growth, in real-time and regularly, are those that will have the advantage to generate added value for all stakeholders and increase competitiveness in their market.

All in all, the SM Financial Optimizer solution offers:

  • unified integration of company-wide information,
  • instant navigation through data and transforming these into useful business levers,
  • real-time benchmarking and what-if simulations,
  • complete transparency in modelling key profitability indicators and
  • flexibility in automated management of analysis and reporting, all in a single interface.

SM Financial Optimizer is a single solution for delivering actionable results and increasing the company's profitability by 4 to 16 percentage points.

We invite you to understand your organization, effectively manage the overall performance and increase your business profit, all based on a customized profitability system such as SM Financial Optimizer.

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