SM Planning and Budgets

Intuitive software system for the planning creation and budget consolidation of the entire company

SM Planning and Budgets is the perfect solution for management teams in the financial and operational planning and active monitoring of the budgeting exercise necessary to meet business objectives.

Features and functionalities:

SM Planning and Budgets correctly and instantly facilitates the most complex budget planning and execution exercise in budget consolidation.

  • P&L, investments, cashflow and balance sheet planning
  • Multi-year operations planning
  • Top-down and bottom-up planning
  • Automated consolidation
  • Detailed input forms
  • Automated cost distributions
  • Instant reporting
  • Integrated financial statements
  • Workflow
  • Plan versions: forecast, budget, and actuals
  • Management of the organization, departments, people, and documents

Advantages and benefits:

Minimum resource allocation involved

SM Planning and Budgets uses very few human resources to develop the company's entire budgeting exercise, regardless of size, making easier the financial and operational implementation.

Time-saving for what really matters

SM Planning and Budgets works intuitively and instantly reports both, an overview and the smallest detail of budget planning, through intelligent tools for configuring and managing the financial and operational indicators and allows a reallocation of time to other more value-added generating activities.

Precision and attention to details that make a difference

SM Planning and Budgets allows in the planning and budget execution processes comparative analyses and simulations between planned versus realized and models what-if scenarios for the most beneficial prediction to the business, both in the short and medium, as well as in the long term.

Ultra-control and accuracy for the future

SM Planning and Budgets quickly filters existing information and identifies potential deviations, errors or discrepancies and allows real-time adjustments or interventions for long-lasting budget transparency.

Why to choose SM Planning and Budgets

For most companies, the activity or process of planning and budgeting of a company is an extremely laborious endeavor, requiring the involvement of many people and therefore human calculation errors that may occur, as well as the fact that it takes a long time, especially by the frequent exchange of Excel files sent by email, and which is always changing, because what was final a week ago, today no longer fits.

Companies that can easily and quickly plan and budget, on a regular and accurate basis, are the ones that will have the advantage of constantly calibrating themselves to economic and market changes and succeeding to optimize their level of profitability as best as possible.

All in all, the SM Planning and Budgets solution offers:

  • simplicity in the integrated configuration of data (monetary and non-monetary values),
  • synchronization in the automatic budget reporting
  • in a single multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-company interface,
  • which facilitates the development of budgets at the level of departments and sub-departments (marketing, operational, sales, purchasing, inventory, production, etc.) which it correlates,
  • for an automated estimation of profit, cash flow, balance sheet, etc. indicators and a quick consolidation into the organizational level’s budget, as well as for a multidimensional operation between planned versus realized in the budgeting exercise.

SM Planning and Budgets is a single solution for real-time validation of organizational budgeting with technical scalability to 5000+ employees in a company.

We invite you to plan and budget your organization in line with your growth and profitability goals, all based on a customized budgeting system such as SM Planning and Budgets.

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