SM Process Management

Methodical software system for managing business processes

SM Process Management is the flexible software solution for any management team to manage, document and monitor the company's processes to improve its organizational efficiency.

Features and functionalities:

SM Process Management provides support in the design and documentation of business processes for an integrated organizational workflow that contributes to optimal performance management.

  • Definition or formulation of processes: name, description of stages and steps, time frame
  • Process portfolio
  • Catalogue of procedures for each process
  • Documentation for each procedure
  • Universal work forms
  • Overview and detail view (drill-down) of the process, as well as the documentation of procedures for each process

Advantages and benefits:

Graphical format and custom representation

SM Process Management facilitates graphical representation of process mapping and provides access to a complete view of the documentation related to each process, as well as the fact that these processes can be customized for each department and once executed, can improve the overall company’s operations.

Exceptional methodology

SM Process Management uses well-established working procedures for each process to create relevant documentation for its implementation, and the process stages become clear and accessible steps in the real-time monitoring of the degree of operational achievement.

Automation in the quality of implementation

SM Process Management is also an internal communication system in the organization, as it offers employees instantly and shared access to everything important on each department from a process point of view, as well as a documented explanation of how to execute a specific process, all for the highest quality in achieving organizational goals.

Why to choose SM Process Management

Most companies do not have a clear record of their processes and daily workflow, which is why they are unable to manage or evaluate their existing ones and align these processes with their organizational strategy, which would lead to the efficient company performance by improving specific work activities, either within a specific department, across the organization or even in collaboration with other organizations.

Companies that can define, model, analyze, optimize and automate processes are the ones that will have the advantage of managing their results, creating added value and enabling them to meet their business objectives with greater agility.

All in all, the SM Process Management solution offers:

  • graphical visualization of the processes in your organization
  • which are then broken down into interdepartmental activities and tasks,
  • which can be customized and rewritten according to objectives and results,
  • and which works based on well-documented procedures and their centralization in a catalogue,
  • with the aim to use them in integrated processes and graphically highlighted as a dashboard in the company's daily operations.

SM Process Management is a single solution for the digital management of the operation at the level of processes, procedures and documentation and the alignment of these operations with the company's strategic objectives. The solution has the following steps in development: the assignment of roles and responsibilities per workflow and the possibility to measure the performance of processes by introducing specific indicators per process.

We invite you to design and formalize your company’s processes, document them based on work procedures, to increase your productivity and performance indicators, all based on a customized process system such as SM Process Management.

The solution fully integrates with the other solutions from the business suite: