SM Quality and Audit

Interactive software system for ensuring high-quality standards in the company

SM Quality and Audit is the excellent software solution for any management team to effectively audit business processes and work procedures in the operational area necessary to maintain an optimal level of quality and increase organizational performance.

Features and functionalities:

SM Quality and Audit allows you to audit a wide range of organizational and operational elements within a company based on an audit questionnaire, record major or minor non-conformities, as well as recommendations, and create tasks within the organization to ensure compliance with quality standards throughout the organization.

  • Create and run quality audits
  • Customizable audits questionnaires
  • Document audit nonconformities and recommendations according to ISO 9001
  • Create audit reports
  • Audit of the company, departments, teams / individual, processes or procedures
  • Audit in planning
  • Generate internal tasks with deadlines
  • Document your corrective and preventive actions
  • Analyze the quality over time

Advantages and benefits:

Connection on the move

SM Quality and Audit facilitates the auditor to interact with the auditee or audited team, begins the fill-in of the audit questionnaire, follows up on the mentioned observations, provides marks and finalizes the audit report to assess the level of compliance during the audited period.

Value-added solution

SM Quality and Audit records the observations in the audit report and generates corrective actions if necessary, through tasks that interdepartmentally interrelate to solve the problem, deficiencies or needs and restore the targeted quality standard.

In control for optimization

SM Quality and Audit offers different degrees of task completion and allows statuses to be updated for specific audited periods until resolved by the assigned manager and to get notified by overdue alerts to record of the level of organizational improvement on particular topics.

Future concordance

SM Quality and Audit produces audit statistics and non-conformity lists at the level of organization, departments and people, and manages the progress of audit activities for quality so that in future conditions a better management of these quality standards can be anticipated.

Why to choose SM Quality and Audit

Most companies do not have an internal audit system regarding compliance with quality standards or criteria, and therefore things can deteriorate over time to the level of significant losses for them.

Companies that can best internally audit their processes, people, departments or even the entire company, are the ones who will have the advantage to be certified for doing the right things and in the right way, i.e., being effective and efficient, are the ones that will manage to maintain a high level of quality, which will be reflected in their organizational performance.

All in all, the SM Quality and Audit solution offers:

  • a dynamic interface to keep track of what needs to be improved in terms of the organization's quality standards,
  • based on an audit questionnaire to be filled in by the audit team,
  • which ends with an audit report containing observations translated into corrective tasks and interdepartmentally correlated in case of non-conformity / future recommendation for the auditee / audited team,
  • and which aims to increase organizational performance.

SM Quality and Audit is a single solution for the digitalization of the audit activity for quality implementation.

We invite you to assess your organizational quality level, take the necessary steps to change processes and results, and restore your performance, all based on a customized quality standard auditing system such as SM Quality and Audit.

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