SM Task Management

Complex software system for the internal management of the company’s taks and activities

SM Task Management is the modern software solution for any management team to identify, monitor and organize from start to finish activities and tasks that impact organizational performance.

Features and functionalities:

SM Task Management allows each employee or department to customize dashboards, create their own task classification rules, define permissions, automatic notification templates and automate the entire workflow.

  • Tickets, tasks, and other objects
  • Manage internal tasks
  • Monitor Service Level Agreements
  • Monitor employee workload levels
  • Complete reporting of employees activities
  • Get 24x7 activity statuses without the need for internal meetings
  • Analyze blocked tasks
  • Balance the employee internal activity
  • Analytical reports in the format of lists / pivot tables or graphs
  • Messaging and collaboration directly on tasks
  • Retrieve the entire communication history and access files / documents
  • Advanced system-wide search engine
  • Automatic reading and sorting / processing e-mails
  • Internal API for integration with other applications and solutions

Advantages and benefits:

Integrative perspective

SM Task Management enables the administration of tasks by:

  • defining the list of internal projects, defining the list of tasks associated with each project,
  • defining the responsible person for each task (can be a single responsible person or several),
  • setting the priority of each project and task (a color-coding system is available),
  • introduction of an estimated due date, the possibility to highlight and notify when a deadline is exceeded,
  • the possibility to search and / or filter projects, tasks, responsible persons, due dates, or overdue tasks.

Guaranteed accessibility and control

SM Task Management monitors the progress or degree of completion which can be visible for any project, any task, any responsible person or department, and the color codes (green, yellow, red) are used to highlight whether their status is as estimated or not. The solution instantly identifies if deadlines are missed so that corrective actions can immediately be taken to get tasks back on track, all for increased transparency and traceability between specific projects and tasks.

Informed strategic decisions

SM Task Management facilitates the rapid operation of as many tasks as possible and generates a wide and comprehensive range of reports and analyzes needed in the decision-making process, as their status and progress are visible to anyone at any time.

Flexible distribution

SM Task Management offers the possibility for departments to build their automation by:

  • defining e-mail and messaging templates,
  • processing and automatically identifying customers by e-mail address,
  • scheduling to read emails from customers sent to a specific address,
  • classify them according to the keywords used
  • and distribute them to the responsible persons in the assigned departments by creating tasks,
  • as well as sending automated follow-up e-mails to these customers.

Why to choose SM Task Management

Most companies have not yet implemented a task management system, and most of the tasks are still communicated by email, making the whole process of managing them extremely complex and involves a lot of effort, both at the level of time, as well as people.

Companies that can instantly access their workflow and the entire portfolio of initiatives and projects, and that can automate most of the repetitive activity by automatically creating tasks and assigning responsible people and implementation time frames, are the ones that will have the advantage to meet all their Service Level Agreements, increase their productivity in the market in which they operate, and achieve their business goals.

All in all, the SM Task Management solution offers: 

  • a simple to use, intuitive, and flexible interface for planning, testing and monitoring tasks,
  • by accessing a wide range of real-time analyzes, statistics and reports in customizable dashboards,
  • with filtering, sorting and display options as a list / pivot tables or graphs by a manager, time frame and workload,
  • and which integrates perfectly via API with existing company systems to be able to execute cross-application operations,
  • so that ultimately ensure configurability, compatibility, and scalability of tasks across the company.

SM Task Management is a single solution for managing all aspects of a task, including status, priority, time, human and financial resource allocation, recurrence, or deadline notifications.

We invite you to automate your workflows and all your company-specific operational activity, all based on a customized task system such as © SM Task Management.

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